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Red Laser

Red lasers include DPSS laser (diode-pumped solid-state) and diode laser. The laser head comes with cooling and precise temperature control system, and power supply comes with overcurrent and overheating protection function. CNI lasers have stabilized power, easy operation, reliable performance and long lifetime. The laser products include 3 series: high power and stability, low noise and single longitudinal mode laser. Free space or fiber-coupled (SM fiber, MM fiber, homogenization fiber) output available.

CNI Blue Laser Series
  • High power red laser: power >100 W
  • High stability red laser: stability <0.1%;
  • Low noise red laser: noise <0.25%;
  • Single longitudinal mode green laser: linewidth <0.00001 nm
  • Holographic photography
  • Fluorescent substance
  • Raman spectra
  • Photoelectric inspection

Product Details

Diode-pumped All Solid-state Red Laser

604 nm 656.5 nm
607 nm 660 nm
612 nm 666 nm
622 nm 671 nm

639 nm

689 nm
640 nm 698 nm
642 nm 721 nm
650 nm


Diode Red Laser

627 nm

650 nm 690 nm
633 nm 655 nm 705 nm
635 nm 660 nm 730 nm
637 nm 665 nm 750 nm
640 nm 680 nm 760 nm
642 nm 685 nm


Cases and Literatures

(1) Ultrahigh accuracy imaging modality for super-localization microscopy (Nature Methods, VOL.10,2013,335) (CNI-635nm and 488nm)
(2) Synthesis of magnetic, fluorescent and mesoporous core-shell-structured nanoparticles for imaging, targeting and photodynamic
therapy (J. Mater. Chem., 2011,21, 11244-11252)(CNI-660nm)

(3) Asphaltene Adsorption onto an Iron Surface: Combined Near-Infrared (NIR), Raman, and AFM Study of the Kinetics, Thermodynamics,
and Layer Structure (Energy Fuels,2011,25(1), pp 189–196)(CNI-633nm)

Tsinghua University for excitation of fluorescent materials: MRL-III-655L
(5) Beijing Institute of Technology for photoluminescence: 650nm

(6) Nanjing University for detecting sensor: MRL-III-635 (FC)

(7) Affiliated Hospital of Third Military Medical University for bioengineering: MRL-FN-671

(8) Fujian Normal University for interference experiment: (CNI-635nm)

(9) Xiamen University for fluorescence detection: (CNI-635nm)

(10) Jilin University for gravity gradient survey: MRL-III-633

(11) Jilin University national key laboratory for Raman Spectrum Measurement: MSL-FN-671

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