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Laser show

A laser light show involves the use of laser light to entertain an audience. Laser light is useful in entertainment because the coherent nature of laser light allows a narrow beam to be produced, which allows the use of optical scanning to draw patterns or images on walls, ceilings or other surfaces including theatrical smoke and fog without refocusing for the differences in distance, as is common with video projection.

   RGB Laser


Solid-state lasers include diode lasers and diode-pumped lasers are available in power levels ranging from a few milliwatts to tens of watts. Prices are depending on the wavelength and power level. Most companies are using solid-state lasers for lightshow applications, rather than the other kinds of lasers.




The laser projector includes a pair of galvanometer scanners, a blanking or color system, and related electronics. You can either buy a fully assembled laser projector, or put together your own projector. We provide parts and subassemblies, as well as complete projectors. They would be pleased to give you advice keyed to your technical background.


  Beam Combiner


RGB beam combiners enable any two or three primary colours in the visible wavelength region to be combined. Combiners are available for either 2 or 3 wavelengths: 2 wavelength combiners combine red/green, green/blue or red/blue. 3 wavelength combiners provide full RGB operation; enabling full colour displays.



  Diffraction Grating

matrix reflection diffraction grating The two ways a diffraction grating can be split a laser beam, by transmission or by reflection. In transmission, the laser beam passes through the diffraction grating and is split during the passage. In reflection, the laser beam penetrates the surface where it is split then reflected back. The two different methods of diffraction add flexibility and versatility to laser displays.



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