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Laser Marking Components

laser marking components


CNI’s laser marking components enable us to provide acutely optimized solutions specific to your requirements whether based on high performance, low cost, high stability, extreme environment, or whatever other marking problem you may have that needs solving.  Our extensive portfolio of scanning products, engineers, and support team are ready to help bring you the best of both worlds.  

 Laser Source for Marking

laser source for marking


Q-switched laser at 1064 and 532 nm has the features of high peak power, high repetition rate, and short pulse duration, which is widely used in laser marking on the diamond, metal, Steel, IC, Plastics, package, Logo, and etc.



 Scanning System

scanning system


A whole laser marking head (or called laser scanner) consists of two scan mirrors, two galvanometers (or called galvo-scanner motor) & drive cards, a XY mount, a scanning lens (f-theta lens), an interface card (or called D/A card), a set of marking software and a DC power supply.




 F-θ Lens

f-theta lens

Lenses described as being ‘F-theta’, or ‘Fq’, type are designed so as to produce an off-axis spot at a location proportional to the scan angle. The below wavelengths are available for Cnioptics F-theta lens.

  • λ=355nm

  • λ=532nm

  • λ=1064nm


 Beam Expander

beam expander for marking

    To tie in with the integration of scanning system, Cnioptics also provides beam expanders as below:

  • 2×, 3×, 4×, 5×, 6×, 8× Beam expander for 1064nm and 532nm laser

  • 10×, 15×, 20× beam expander for 532nm laser                                 



To match with our marking laser source, we also can supply various of worktables and mechanism to meet all our customers' requirements.


  • Lifts

  • Fiber laser rack

  • DPSS laser rack


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