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Fiber Optic Collimation/Coupling Packages

Single-mode FC/PC connector

Single-mode FC/PC connector


CNI's pure silica core fibers are optimized for use at visible wavelengths from 400 up to 700 nm. Single-mode fibers are most often used in high-precision scientific research because the allowance of only one propagation mode of the laser makes the laser easier to focus properly.



Polarization Maintaining Series

Polarization Maintaining Series


CNI's industry leading visible and short wavelength Polarization Maintaining fibers have superior waveguide, radiation, and mechanical properties enabling a large variety of new critical applications in diverse markets.




Multi-mode SMA905/FC/PC connector

Multi-mode SMA905/FC/PC connector


Because of its high capacity and reliability, multi-mode optical fiber coupling laser generally is used for many fields. Because multi-mode fiber has a larger core-size, it supports more than one propagation mode; hence it is limited by modal dispersion. 





Liquid light guide/fiber patch cord


Liquid light guide is a light transmitting element of new structure, it consists of a liquid material as core and polymer materials as cladding, characterized by large core diameter, large numerical aperture, broad range and higher efficiency of transmission.



Pigtailed GRIN Lens Collimators


CNI pigtailed GRIN lens collimators aligned at different wavelengths and FC/PC connector. Our GRIN collimators features a Diameter 1.8mm clear aperture and are coupled to standard 62.5/200/400um fibers.


Fiber Optic Collimation/Coupling Packages

Fiber Optic Collimation/Coupling Packages


These collimators are designed to connect onto the end of an FC/PC or SMA905 connector and contain an AR-coated aspheric lens. The distance between the aspheric lens and the tip of the FC-terminated fiber can be adjusted to compensate for focal length changes or to recollimate the beam at the wavelength and distance of interest.


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